Do you have availability for a powered site with 2 adults, a 21ft caravan for 3 nights from the 21st to the 24th of August, 2021.

Please advise if dates from the 21st to 24th of August for a powered site is available and the rates for this.

Judy Cole

Wanting to book powered site on 27,28,29 and 30th of june. Thanks dennis klason

Hello Vicki,

I spoke with you back in March regarding booking for dates in 2022.

I have completed our itinerary and am now ready to place an enquiry for dates required in July 2022.

I would like to request 2 Caravan Sites together please for the following dates:
5 nights
Arriving – Friday 1/07/2022
Departing – Wednesday 6/7/2022
1 x Caravan is 21’ 6” x 2 Adults
1 x Caravan is 15’ x 2 Adults

Please advise when a deposit or payment is required for the above accommodation.

I would also like to book the following for 4 Adults:
Tour Code E
Bungle Bungle Adventurer & Helicopter Ride for:
Monday 4/07/2022

Please advise when payment is required for the above tour booking.

Kind regards

Vicki Mair

Hi Vicki,
Requesting booking for Waringarri Arts
Guest Gus Clutterbuck
Check in Sunday 13th Check out Wednesday 16th.
Please call me to advise.
Thanks Cathy

Hiya, we would like to book the 2 bedroom villa for check in 8th July 2021 and check out 9th July 2021. Can you confirm whether the villa is available?

Wanting caravan site for 19ft goldstream caravan on Arriving Sunday 13/06/21 for 2 nights

Do you have any availability for 3 nights powered site, 1st – 4 th July.
Swan camper trailer – 2 adults, 3 kids aged 2:6:9

Hello. Could we please book a caravan site for 2 nights with power for 21ft van on Sunday 8th, Monday 9th August

16ft hybrid
GU Patril