Good Afternoon!

We would like to stay with you for a week 14 Jan – 21 Jan 2018, as part of very special holiday (not that every holiday isn’t special!).

We would just like to fill you in us and our situation just to be sure you are able to accomodate us.

A quick run down:

We are a family of 6, 2 adults (Garry and Kylie), 3 children (Brendan 11, Tom 9 & Hayley 9) and Garry’s companion dog Ruby an 8 month old Golden Lab, from Roma Qld, travelling Outback Australia in our camper trailer. We are celebrating the time we have left as an entire family and encouraging others, through our adventures to do so, while they can and creativity think outside the box, busting through boundaries.

You see Garry has Motor Neurone Disease, he was diagnosed in 2007 and given another chance at life 5 years ago when he was given a tracheostomy and placed on invasive ventilation. Garry is 100% dependant on us however gets himself around in his electric wheelchair (in 2012, just weeks before his lungs failed, he even zoomed around Ayers Rock, got dry bogged a few times, ripped up some of The Plenty and The Gibb).

We are not requesting special treatment, we just would like to know if a situation were to occur would we be able to put into place our back up plans within your facility and if your park can accommodate us and our needs.

If the weather were to really turn, a bit of rain doesn’t bother us, do you have accessible accommodation, a few steps aren’t a problem as we have our own ramps.

Should power be lost for a significant time, would we be able to use our generator to power Garry’s equipment until power was restored.

Not a necessity, more of a luxury, may we access a site with an annex slab that is well shaded?

Do you have an accessible shower/toilet and is our Ruby welcome?

Thank you for taking the time to read this enquiry, we look forward to your reply and hopefully a stay with you.


Kylie and Garry Alexander