Good Afternoon , I am hoping to be able to book a Powered campsite for My Husband & I & our dog Rubie (a very chilled Border Collie) for the date of Arrival Fri 8th July 2022 Departing Fri 15th July 2022. We have a 15ft Aus RV Hybrid Van which converts to 18ft when the bed is extended. It has its own Bathroom facilities but if there is a possibility to be closer to the amenities that will still be good. We also have an enerdrive solar system so if powered isn’t available we would be happy with Unpowered .We have Of Course been vaccinated & just had our Booster Yesterday, if need be I can certainly send Our Certificates . Hoping To hear from You soon & if You wish to call My Husbands Mob is 0458081242 Or mine above Looking Forward to Hopefully seeing You Sharon & Robert Borg